About Us

 Who is Tiara Mone'?

    Tiara Mone' is truly the definition of a young boss lady who is proud to be able to bless others with her gift. The love she has for hair is UN-explainable. As a licensed Master hair stylist she masters in skills such as cutting, coloring, styling and installing hair Extensions.

    The " Weaveologist " as her clients would say she has the " Growing Hands ”. She is truly a Gem and her goal is to continue to grow and excel at her craft as well as sharing her gift with others. She believes in caring and creating the ultimate looks for her clients and customers. Giving honesty, patience and hard work in producing the best beautiful results for her clients.

    Tiara Mone' is the owner of Tiara Mone’ Hair Collection selling the best virgin 100% human hair extensions. This Collection consists of luxury virgin human hair Extensions. With a goal to provide clients and customers with the best hair extensions. Customer satisfaction is the top priority, Providing top of the line hair Extensions. With a great team, the TMHC will do their absolute best to make sure each customer is happy and pleased with their purchases.

Instagram - @_tiaramone  / @tiaramone_haircollection

Contact:  @tiaramonehc@gmail.com